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About Us

JO outdoors was originally set up by Jo Dodgson and is aimed to provide a professional service of supplying outdoor wear and associated items from top brands such as Regatta & Dare2b to people and businesses who wish to purchase goods at the best possible price and from a supplier who simply wishes to be the best at what they do.

Jo outdoors only supply top class outdoor clothing and products at a competitive price so that the purchaser is able to buy in confidence and (as we all wish to be the case in every online purchase we do) at the cheapest price possible.

On a personal front Jo is an extremely proud mother of three and with her ever increasing Jo outdoors team, successfully operates Jo outdoors to enable her to spend a little important time with her family whilst ensuring at all times the business provides a service in a manner she would expect goods to be supplied to the quality she expects and indeed demands every day. Family time is spent together and most of it outdoors walking with the dogs whenever possible together with most weekends being at the side of a football pitch (whilst being very warm).

The basic core values of Jo outdoors is to operate a very professional business operation where anyone can buy reputable brands and the best possible price... quite simple really !

JO outdoors offer everyone great affordable outdoor clothing, rucksacks & bags and camping equipment with added value to get you outside and live happy and healthy lives in the great outdoors.

Men, choose from our warm fleeces, waterproof jackets, ski jackets and Shirts.
Ladies, choose from our warm fleeces, waterproof jackets, Ski JacketsSportswear and T-Shirts & Tops.

We offer outdoor Clothing and accessories for every adventurer whether you’re a rambler, ambler, camper, gardener, picnicker, mum or dad at the footie or rugby or urban roamer, skier, beachcomber or muddy puddle-loving child.